Mini Embroidery Hoops

Recently i found these teeny tiny embroidery frames on Etsy. I couldn’t help myself and i had to get some. They’re so cute!! The inner diameter measures roughly 1.69 inches and are perfect for jewellery pendants or keyrings.

s hoop

This is what i created with the first one. It was so nice to sit down and work on some hand embroidery after not working on any for so long (even though theres a lot of other work i should be doing). I have some other ideas on what i could do with these, maybe paint and glaze the frames with resin.

They’re pretty easy to frame and finish. Just trim the excess, glue down and add a piece of felt or fabric to cover the raw edges. The back of mine looked something like this when finished.


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2018 Goals

green and purple

This past year, i have been through a lot of different challenges (not all of them good). Since today is the first of a new year, i decided to set myself some goals and wishes for this year to really focus on.

New Designers

I would absolutely love to be invited to exhibit at the New Designers show in London over the summer. If that doesn’t happen, then i’ll definitely try to make it down to have a look at the wonderful work on display and spend a long weekend down in one of my favourite cities.

Pass Degree with Honours

I’ll find out about this one a lot sooner than some of the others. For this, i need to achieve a grade higher than a pass in my dissertation. I’d like to think I’ve gotten that but i guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Blog Posting

This part has always been tricky for me. I start a blog, post for a few months, and then forget about it or get to busy to update it. This year i’m hoping to actually stick with posting at least once a week on this blog until i get into the proper swing of it again.

Be Kind to Yourself

This one will be more than a bit of a challenge. I need to stop comparing myself and my work to others. It doesn’t help anything and just makes me feel bad. I want to find my little niche within the art industry.

Hopefully i will remember about this post at the end of the year and be able to review what actually happened.


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Embroidery Project

I was recently asked by my uni tutor to take part in a research project involving embroidery. The research was looking at people who have taught some kind of lesson, be it a family member, a friend, or a teacher. The idea was to create a portrait of that chosen person out of stitch onto the fabric provided and write a small paragraph about what lesson that person has taught. I chose my mother, since she has taught me far more than any academic teacher ever has.

IMG_7568 copy

mumCollage copy

This was the final outcome of my piece. Unfortunately i will not be able to get this piece back as its going into an archive along with the other participants work. I am looking forward to see what my tutor has planned for these pieces when the time comes to display them as planned.