Mini Embroidery Hoops

Recently i found these teeny tiny embroidery frames on Etsy. I couldn’t help myself and i had to get some. They’re so cute!! The inner diameter measures roughly 1.69 inches and are perfect for jewellery pendants or keyrings.

s hoop

This is what i created with the first one. It was so nice to sit down and work on some hand embroidery after not working on any for so long (even though theres a lot of other work i should be doing). I have some other ideas on what i could do with these, maybe paint and glaze the frames with resin.

They’re pretty easy to frame and finish. Just trim the excess, glue down and add a piece of felt or fabric to cover the raw edges. The back of mine looked something like this when finished.


Thanks for reading


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Hello Again

Whoops, I completely forgot this blog was a thing until recently. I should really start posting more. And with the start of a new module for Professional Practice, that’s exactly what I’ll be trying to do. No Promises though …

I guess I should start with my new concept for my Final Major Project, since that’s a pretty big thing right now.

I started by looking at the word Perseverance and settled on drawing succulent plants as a starting point. It was mentioned by a tutor that I may struggle on a whole year long project just drawing little succulents and cacti, so I moved on to add certain things to my body of drawings. This expanded to allow me to look at collections and stuff that I have collected over the years.

As a creative, you tend to learn a very specific skill that involves coming up with excuses into why you should keep an object. Mostly, you think you may need it at a later date, or it was a present from someone, or you just can’t bear to part with it. This certainly seems to ring true with me. I have collected so much stuff throughout my life.

I sat and dug through so much stuff which seems to have just ‘appeared’ in my possession. The most recent obsession is the knot wraps sold by Lush Cosmetics. They’re all so pretty and such good inspiration (add that as another reason I can’t throw things away).

Other collections include:

  • Art supplies. So many art supplies. I’m sure nobody needs this many comic markers.
  • General superhero memorabilia. Harley Quinn is my favourite.
  • Disney Tsum Tsum toys. They’re too darn cute to leave behind.
  • Buttons and beads. I’m sure they’ll come in handy sometime.
  • Hand carved printing wood blocks. One of my favourite things.

I should move on to what I have created so far as my concept piece to somewhat guide me through what I’m doing.


This piece was inspired by a box frame I have curated over the past few years with mementos collected. These include tickets from concerts I have been to, train tickets for trips, a small candle from a 21st birthday cake. Little things that hold importance to me.

My concept piece involves a wooden box frame, painted with my current colour scheme, containing photocopies of my collected tickets. There is a quote on the inside of the glass reads “I believe that everyone collects. I think collecting is in our blood as humans” written by Lynda Resnick, which I think is a quote that rings pretty true.

I may add more to this piece at a later date to further reflect my concept. I wish I had thought about how I was going to draw and write onto the glass beforehand, since I found I didn’t have any paint or ink suitable for glass that would be harder wearing than the paint I did use. Saying that, I did paint in reverse so the paint would be protected within the frame provided I don’t add anything that would majorly brush against the glass.

Thanks for sticking around!